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Jelly Hand fail :(

SIGHS I tried to suspend a plaster mould of my hand in jelly. It was meant to be a critique on gallery etiquette and how viewers are innately afraid of interacting with artwork in white cube galleries. The aim of this piece was to have people reach into the jelly to 'hold hands' with me whilst also letting them have a somewhat unpleasant experience of touching and destroying gelatin. It was meant to be a sculpture that was intended to be destroyed and never be put together the same. I also took inspiration from Camus' theories about absurdity and the indifference one feels towards living a 'meaningful' life.

Trying my best to salvage my failed piece, I made yet another video piece of how I would have liked the sculpture to be interacted with (except this one is obviously stored in a spaghetti container).

Process shots of the making of the jelly hand - it failed because the gelatin didn't set (it was just pink water at this point)



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