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The Promised Silicone Sheet + new ideas

I have decided to stop being a cheapskate and buy actual silicone and it is completely worth my [undisclosed sum of money]. I was able to make a completely smooth, fleshy slab of silicone within 20 minutes and it was glorious. Additionally, I have also decided to move on from creating work to critique gallery etiquette and instead focus on making sculptures that instill discomfort within viewers upon viewing it in a gallery. I have been reading Powers of Horror by Julia Kristeva and researching abjection/ the abject and I think artwork about the abject complements Camus' theories about absurdity as they both go against societal conventions. My next sculpture idea stemmed from a drawing I did of my own back as reference, though this one has greatly exaggerated skeletal structures to sort of make it less distinguishably like just a person crouching over. I feel that when recognition is taken away from an object, viewers are likely to unknowingly feel unnerved. If I had to reference Kristeva it would be the quote “On the edge of nonexistence and hallucination, of a reality that, if I acknowledge it, annihilates me.“



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